Commercial Landscape Maintenance

We support Property Managers with quality service and partnership.

The Dennis' 7 Dees team provides a comprehensive range of services for property managers. You will receive an experienced and professional account manager, and their trained, uniformed, and friendly crews, which are supported by the entire team of Dennis' 7 Dees experts. 

We provide complete landscape maintenance services to all types of business and commercial properties. We are a local company and understand the needs of a Pacific Northwest Landscape. 

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Over 300 acres cared for by Dennis' 7 Dees

We provide tailored and complete commercial landscape maintenance services to over 300 properties, ranging from corporate offices to medical facilities, retail centers and privately owned and managed properties.

"I can depend on our landscape looking good, with no hassles."

—Fr. Martin, Property Manager

We're proud of our stellar safety record.

Safety is a #1 concern for all our employees at Dennis' 7 Dees. We have created a culture of safety that is demonstrated by the awards we regularly receive both on a local and national level. Our MOD rating is far better than the industry average, which shows our dedication and commitment to keeping our employees and others safe.

Extremely responsive and proactive service.

A key to our success is good communication. We take the time to understand your needs and establish a communication program that works for you. From quick responses to emails or calls, and regular walk-throughs of your property, we keep you up-to-date on the care and condition of your landscape.

We believe in being economically responsible & cost-efficient.

We recognize our industry as the original green industry and we set the bar extremely high for protecting the environment. We feel that it is the responsibility of the entire community to keep our city and waterways clean and thriving. We strive to keep up to date on new and evolving technology and techniques to offer the best and most responsible choice of services and products.

Meet our suite of services designed to keep your landscape looking its best.

The Support Team

Ryan McLennan

Department Manager

Jeff Rieger

Contract Administrator

Brian Ellis

Account Manager

Spencer Anderson

Account Manager

Tom Ogee

Account Manager

Matt Coombs

Irrigation Manager

David Duckworth

Production Supervisor

Carl Beckert

Production Supervisor

Lisa Matthews

Billing Specialist

Let us handle your landscape so you can manage your property with ease.

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